Fietsgedeelte verhuisd!

Vanaf 1 juli 2017 is het fietsgedeelte van Max Mobiel verhuisd naar De Fietsambassade Gent. Info vind je hier.


SEABIZ Project

  • employment zones all over the North Sea Region often show a high car dependency due to absence of alternative modes, parking policy (large parking lots), lack of safe infrastructure for walking and cycling. This affects the environment as well as the accessibility of these zones: congestion limits the attractiveness for new employees/employers and potential employees without a car cannot reach these employment zones. SEABIZ will demonstrate which innovative, sustainable and cost-effective transport solutions lead to the best results. Setting a framework to identify the potential forLarge each partner, provide support for implementation and exchange best practices will support each of the partner sites to reach the full potential of their measures. These measures will be in the field of: 

    • multi-modal travelling, alternative fueled collective commuter transport, e-bikes and e scooters, and IT-based dynamic car- and van-pooling 
    • supporting employers, local and regional authorities to create and maintain sustainable transport solutions
    • creating a platform for knowledge exchange with existing or future thematic related projects, the North Sea Commission, European city network

  • SEABIZ brings together expertise in all necessary fields to develop and implement actions that will decrease CO2 emissions and single car-use and increase access to the labour market. Reducing single car use will reduce congestion and free-up space for transport of goods without increasing roadspace.