Discourage Max Mobiel by Corona


In view of the recent events and announcements regarding the Coronavirus and the measures relating thereto, we strongly advise against using the Max Mobiel for the next 3 weeks (until 3 April 2020). During this period available alternatives should be considered.

Until further notice, the Max Mobiel will continue to shuttle, but we urge the commuters to:

  • Use the known precautions to prevent contamination, posters concerning this will  be on the buses.
  • Disinfect your hands before boarding with the alcohol gel pumps that we try to provide in each Max Mobiel and if not available wash your hands thoroughly in advance.

To the employer we ask to guide your employees and encourage them to stay at home at the slightest sign of complaints and not to use the Max Mobiel. For these reasons we reserve the right to refuse commuters.

We count on your understanding.