Max Mobiel goes the extra mile !


Despite the strict measures regarding collectively arranged commuter transport, Max Mobiel makes an extra (financial) effort.

From Monday 11 May 2020, the service will change on:

  • The shuttle line ‘Ghent Sint-Pieters -> Zeehaven-West’: extra capacity of 20 people at both shifts brings the total to 43 people per trip. The first bus with 23 places will drive by default (reservation is of course still necessary). The 2nd bus must be reserved for the morning shift at the latest at 4:30 PM the day before and for the afternoon shift at 9:00 AM the latest. A phone call to the callcenter is sufficient. Late cancellations will be charged.

From Tuesday 12 May 2020, the service will change on:

  • The shuttle line ‘Ghent Dampoort -> Zeehaven-Oost Corona’: extra capacity (+23 places) at the various peak times and some minor adjustments around 5:40 PM brings the capacity to 8 places at the return trip. On Friday, the afternoon shift also starts an hour earlier (from 11:40 AM). An overview can be found here.

From Friday 15 May 2020, the service will start again on the route:

  • 'Ghent Sint-Pieters -> Tech Lane Campus A': we drive according to the known driving schedule, but in reduced capacity: 8 places available in bus 1; in bus 2, 3 and 4 each 4 places.
    -> Identification by means of QR is of course still necessary.

It remains important for all transport organized by Max Mobiel:

In exchange, Max Mobiel guarantees:

  • correctly filled shuttles according to the strictest interpretation of the current measures;
  • trusted, very knowledgeable drivers who wear mouth masks to protect passengers;
  • thoroughly disinfected buses after each ride.