Restart Zeehaven-Oost from Monday 15 June


Good news:

from the 15th of June, more commuters will be able to make use of the Max Mobiel service, provided that it remains COMPULSORY to wear a FACE MASK, we can fill up to 50% of the seats. That is twice as much as now, which enables us to shift back to the usual 'Gent Dampoort -> Zeehaven Oost' shuttle line: with the corresponding driving schedule and infinite capacity.

Small adjustments to this driving schedule:

  • 16:00 H has been deleted;
  • 14:45 T has been added.

This shuttle line will be available on the reservation tool from Thursday 11 June, please only reserve for trips that commence on Monday 15 June (reservations before this date will not be noticed). The opposite applies for the currently running 'Corona' shuttle line: this route is still active until Friday 12 June and will be deactivated this weekend. Reservations after this weekend will go unnoticed.

We would like to repeat the agreements regarding timely reservations:

  • reservation before midnight 00:00 gives a 100% guarantee;
  • lastminute reservation the day itself: a message appears at the top of the screen whether or not you should contact the call center.
  • Always contact the call center when adding large amounts of reservations (starting from 5) on the day itself.

The known rules will of course continue to apply, supplemented by the already known precautions to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. If these (measures) rules are not followed, the driver reserves the right to refuse a commuter.

Have fun on the (half-filled) Max Mobiel!